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SKF bearing vibration noise source
2012-06-09 09:40:40

SKF bearing vibration noise source

Question 1: SKF bearing vibration which are the main factors?
Answer one: SKF Bearing Vibration has two main sources:
First, the SKF bearing by external incentives caused by the natural vibration of SKF bearings, refer to the SKF bearing inner ring, outer ring, rolling body and the natural vibration of the cage.
Second, the forced vibration caused by moving parts touch each other collision, including the trajectory of the rolling element is not an ideal sphere, inside and outside the channel point contacts is not an ideal circle (roundness, waviness), the rolling surface is not ideal smooth surface (roughness) as well as the rolling element and cage movement in the collision and impurities in the lubricant due to forced vibration, vibration and sound are closely related.
SKF bearings for general-purpose, it is recommended to concentrate its limited human and financial resources to do a good job in the SKF bearing vibration control. Should not be the noise a separate quality standards, of course, foreign experience, special products, such as computer hard disk drive system, VCR CD in the drive system, SKF bearings, easy to use vibration assessment, could be devised to assess noise measurement method standards.


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