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SKF bearing clearance analysis
2011-11-01 09:41:48

SKF Bearings SKF import clearance refers specifically to the bearing body for bearing radial or axial movement along the maximum possible distance, the standard is defined as follows: non-preload condition, able to withstand radial loads, SKF bearings, the radial internal clearance G is: the direction at different angles, without external load when a ring from a radial ring relative to the other extreme eccentric position, move to the opposite extreme position of the radial distance from the arithmetic mean.
Axial clearance
Non-preload state, in both directions on the axial load SKF bearings, the axial internal clearance G is: no external load, a ring relative to the other ring, from one extreme position of the axial toward the opposite extreme position of the average axial distance.
SKF bearings in different states of the clearance
SKF bearings in different states of its clearance will be corresponding changes, specifically, can be divided into:
1) The original clearance
SKF Bearing is the original clearance after complete SKF bearings installed in the machine, which in the free state clearance. In fact the original clearance is not learned by measuring it is difficult. Therefore, the original clearance clearance test is often used instead.
Clearance inspection is the inspection mode, the applied load measured under the conditions of testing instruments derived from clearance data, strictly speaking, the original bearings with SKF clearance is not the same, but in general, both in reading on less, and thus can substitute each other without much error occurs.
2) the effective clearance
Effective clearance or clearance work is called SKF bearings installed in the host after a certain load, the stable operation up to a certain temperature conditions, SKF bearings in the presence of the actual clearance. Clearly, the effective clearance smaller than the clearance work.
SKF bearings with clearance requirements of the role of
SKF bearings in existence bearing clearance is to ensure the flexibility to operate without blocking, but also required to ensure the smooth running bearings, SKF bearings of the axis of no significant settlement, and bear the load of SKF imported as much as possible the number of the body.
Therefore, SKF imported bearing clearance of the bearing dynamic performance (noise, vibration and friction) and rotational accuracy, service life (wear and fatigue) the carrying capacity has a significant impact.

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